Presentation of the exhibitions – places must be reserved
Saturday 8 June at 4.30 pm
Sunday 9 June at 11.30 pm

Private viewing
Saturday 8 June at 6 pm

Discovery tours
Sundays 16 June  and 7 July 11.30 am to 12.30 pm with Nicole Cretou (ACLB)

Nicole Crestou, ceramist of the Ceramics Association of La Borne, will be on hand to guide you through the exhibitions –
an opportunity not to be missed for outreach and the sharing of ideas.
Conditions: standard exhibition admission fee apples.

Open everyday
To 28 June : from 11 pm to 6 pm
From 29 June : from 11 pm to 7 pm

Rebecca Maeder


The artist originally comes from Switzerland. She lives and works in Collonge-en-Charollais (71).

After Rebecca graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Vevey, in 2014 the young artist gained a Master’s degree from Seoul National University. Her work is now part of prestigious collections, including the Museum für Kunsthandwerk (Craft Museum) in Leipzig (Germany), the World Ceramic Exposition Foundation in Ichéon (South Korea), the Museum für Gestaltung (Museum for Creation), Zürich, the Ariana Museum in Geneva and the Mudac in Lausanne… Numerous exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, Korea and France (where she now shares her time) have established her on the contemporary scene as one of the most innovative porcelain specialists, working in a material she loves for its reactive, poetic qualities. Rebecca is interested in the way in which liquid porcelain enters into a relationship with the air and changes during firing, due to ‘accidents’ produced during the process. Her recent Archaeological Series are inspired by museum ‘restorations’ that leave visible webs of cracks. The outcome is forms for use (vases and beakers) or contemplative installations (stone or wooden paths, polished “domes”, etc.), where lines of deliberate fractures become lines of life that are neither dangerous nor fragile, but soft on the eye and to the touch.

Frédéric Bodet

Akashi Murakami


The artist originally comes from Japan. She lives and works in Nîmes (30).

Natural movements are random and create unexpected shapes.

I am hugely inspired when I discover these forms, cliffs fashioned by the wind and the sea, rocks hollowed out by the current, stones punctured by drops or inhabited roots. They have been shaped by random movements, sometimes over the course of many centuries, and, despite myself, I immerse myself in an experience that I have not been a witness to, but which is very much there, in front of me. This makes me realise that I am part of this movement, part of this harmony.

I pick up wood and look at it. Working with this material can be seen as a continuation of its lifespan. Initially, I use moulding to capture my subject, to take a snapshot in volume, so to speak. Once the piece has been removed from the mould, it reveals a new aspect of itself to me, a new nature that I can work with. I cut and add pieces, smooth or scrape the material… Sometimes I reconstitute a shape entirely from elements stamped out of the natural imprint.

Once my work is complete, the wood model will be returned to its original environment. Nature will take back its rights and continue to sculpt it and the small marks I have left behind, at its own speed.

Akashi Murakami

Association Céramique La Borne

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