Hiring of the workshop and kilns

We can offer for rental a fully-equipped ceramics workshop (gas-fired kiln, electric kiln, slab roller, wheel, running water etc.)
Located on the ground floor of the former school, the conditions are ideal for ceramists who are looking to create, research and produce ceramics.
An ‘anagama’-style kiln allows will allow you to carry out wood-firing.
Our new arrangements mean that the kilns and workshops can be used year-round.

Hiring of the professional workshop and kilns

2018 price:
50 € per day for gas or electric kiln, + energy usage. 40 € per day if no firing is done.

Firing of ceramic work

2018 price :
60 € per firing sheet
30 € per half-firing sheet
30€ per quarter-firing sheet.
Size of 1 sheet: 60cm x 6ocm x 20 cm

The loading of the kiln, monitoring of the firing and unloading will all be carried out by the Ceramic Centre’s trainer. The origins of the clays and glazes used must be stated.
Please make out cheques to “Régie Centre céramique”.