Our Mission

The Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne is an important and unique part of France’s pottery heritage. The Centre is recognised as a local, national and international reference for promoting the value in creating contemporary ceramics.
Our role is to support a cultural project, responding to assist in many operations where it is vital to protect, stimulate and develop the culture of ceramics.
La Communauté de Communes Terres du Haut Berry (the grouping of local councils in the highlands of the Upper Berry region) has taken on the aims of the cultural project initiated by the Ceramics Association of La Borne, which formerly managed the site and is now a partner.

The activities to be developed are defined by the cultural project:

Welcoming, advising and providing information about La Borne’s workshops and those in surrounding areas, in other places such as local museums, and all ceramics-related events, local cultural activities and more. Having a web presence emphasising the international reputation of the centre, based on our bilingual website and links , in particular to the individual websites of the ceramists who are association members, and to other common links.

Mounting exhibitions, spreading knowledge and publicity for
  • The work of invited artists, solo or group exhibitions, the work created by the ceramists of the Ceramics Association of La Borne which is continually changed, and with occasional exhibitions.
  • Work created in our workshops by artists in residence.
    The work of the Association’s ceramists, regularly organising exhibitions in other locations both in France and abroad.
  • By developing our publishing side linking with events at the Centre (books, catalogues, audio-visual publications etc.).
Creating learning spaces to promote public awareness
  • By organising international meetings between international art professionals and individual meetings with the international schools of ceramics.
  • By instigating panel discussions and seminars
  • By organising presentations of the works and artistic events linked to the exhibitions
  • By leading workshop visits and meetings with the ceramists.
Exchanging, sharing and transferring knowledge and skills
  • By scheduling beginners’ sessions at the Centre and by promoting the importance of training courses taught by the Association’s ceramists at the Centre and in their studios and workshops.
  • By passing on the history of ceramics at La Borne from the 1940s to today, focussing on the men and women who created its distinctive character.
Welcoming professionals, artists in residence.