Roz Herrin

Roz Herrin was born in Kent, England. After studying graphic design ; the clay she encountered in a course of evening classes,  propelled her into the third dimension. Travelling from her home country to Greece, and finally to La Borne, she learnt the skills of pottery. Since 1993, Roz has lived and shared a workshop with Dominique Garet. In the winter they produce mostly garden pots, and she fills one of the 2 chambers of their big wood fired kiln. Their tableware is fired in a gas kiln. Another production fired with salt in her Sèvres type kiln extends the range. The franc style of her throwing creates a graphic line, and the salt glaze enhances the facettes which she has cut into the surface of the pot. Her pièces are a joy to see and to touch, and a real pleasure to eat from at the dinner table.

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Roz Herrin


Atelier Garet – Herrin
La Borne
18250 Henrichemont

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