Nicolas Rousseau

Nicolas’ first love was drawing, and he spent two years studying fine art in Toulouse, hoping to find his calling. Finally his uncle, the ceramist Hervé Rousseau, trained him at Boisbelle.

He prefers to assemble structures using slabs or with coils, giving rise to anthropomorphic pots. Donkeys, fish, mischievous young girls appear at his fingertips. With the passage of time, modelling and drawing become more and more important to him. Freed from the notion of the vessel, he erects stelae with flat surfaces to sketch out his personal universe. Nicolas models fantastic characters that combine eccentricity, fantasy and craziness. A very personal language, emancipated from any sense of intellectuality, celebrates the innocence of a disenchanted view of the world.

Bernard David



Stoneware, slip, decorated, covered, wood-fired at 1300°

Credits : Pascal Vangysel


Nicolas Rousseau


Chezal Boucaud
18380 Ivoy le Pré

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