Call for applications 2021

La Borne is a local, national and international hub for the advancement of contemporary ceramic creation. The Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne (CCCLB) and the Ceramic Association of La Borne (ACLB), in partnership with DRAC Centre, have set up a programme of artists in residence for people who are interested in producing works or developing their own research in the field of ceramics. This call for projects involves setting up a residency for research and artistic output that is intended to support a project to be carried out in collaboration between a visual artist and a ceramic artist from La Borne.

Presentation of the Ceramics Centre

The Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne is a leading, iconic centre for the production and dissemination of ceramics. Its activities relate to the preservation, enhancement and development of the culture of international contemporary ceramics. The Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne is one of the cultural and tourist services of the local municipality, the “Communauté de Communes Terres du Haut Berry”. The programming of the Centre’s exhibitions is done in harmony with the permanent artists who make up the Ceramics Association of La Borne, and the centre works in collaboration with all its members.

The Centre receives support from the Ministry of Culture-Drac Centre-Val de Loire, the Region of Centre-Val de Loire and the Departmental Council of Cher, with backing from the municipality of Henrichemont. It is also a member of “”, an association of cultural stakeholders working in the visual arts in the Centre-Val de Loire Region.

Presentation of the Ceramics Association of La Borne

Since 1971, the Ceramics Association La Borne (ACLB) has shown how essential it is by organising regular events, international meetings and exhibitions, in the former girls’ school and since 2010, in the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne. Today the Association has over 70 members representing thirteen different nationalities, all within a radius of 35 km. Everybody creates unique pieces, be they utilitarian pottery or sculpture. The techniques and firing methods have become more diversified, but wood-firing still plays an important role, with around thirty kilns in operation.

The Ceramic Association La Borne is a member of the National Collective of Ceramists. It is a member of the “Ateliers d’Art de France” and of “”, an association of cultural stakeholders in the visual arts working in the Centre-Val de Loire region. It works in collaboration with the “Communauté de Communes Terres du Haut Berry”, the municipality responsible for managing the Contemporary Ceramic Centre of La Borne.

Presentation of “La Borne Artists in Residence”

La Borne has a worldwide reputation for its high temperature wood-fired stoneware. Utilitarian pieces were produced here as early as from the 17th century, and these reached their zenith at the end of the 19th century. From the 1940s onwards, the arrival of ceramic artists from a wide variety of backgrounds was to revive La Borne’s creative output. To continue the revival that La Borne has undergone, the aim of the Residences project is to foster an exchange of knowledge, experience and techniques, with a view to thinking anew about existing categories and traditional structures, in particular the hierarchy of art, design and craftsmanship. It enables artists from all walks of life to come and work together with ceramists from La Borne, to develop projects for the shared creation of artworks. The artistic residency brings together visual artists and ceramic artists to promote new experiments in the medium of ceramics and to re-invest in an existing cultural heritage. This human heritage is represented by artistic work as well as a historical heritage, from popular art forms to the creation of sculptures and/or the manufacture of domestic objects.


The artist is accommodated in a studio in La Borneo, where (s)he is invited to work with the clay and the techniques of the ceramic artist who both acts as his/her host and shares the content of their own artistic research. The artists agree on a joint project that they must undertake independently. One way or another, the two contributors who make up the designated artistic team seek out areas of influence and enrich their respective work with this experimental dialogue. All of the pieces produced belong to the artistic team. Their share of the pieces or the profit from their sales is shared equally.


As part of the partnership initiated with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges (ENSA Bourges), the visual artist will work together with the students and the teaching team on a cross-disciplinary teaching programme developed around the medium of ceramics and volumes. The more specific goal of and ambition for this partnership, intended to provide a platform for communication between ENSA and the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne, is to promote contemporary ceramic creation across the fields of art and sculpture and on a future-oriented basis, to explore fields of experimentation and research combining artistic, theoretical and scientific research into ceramics.

This partnership marks the first step in the creation of an inter-school ceramic research and production platform.
The financing and the framework for implementing these initiatives is to be entirely funded by ENSA Bourges.


Presentation of the ENSA: The École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges (Higher National School of Art, Bourges -ENSA Bourges) is a public institution of higher education in the arts. It provides training for young people in the field of contemporary art by means of numerous workshops for artistic expression provided by the institution. The teaching team, made up of artists and theorists with a great involvement in professional artistic circles and top-level technicians, use a method of teaching that remains in direct contact with all of the factors driving contemporary creativity and looks at the main challenges facing society today. The administrative and technical team accompanies the students throughout their training and plays an important role in the supervision of the courses; it is also involved in all the activities relating to welcoming, orientation, internships, community projects and the establishment of direct links with professionals working in the field of cultural creativity.

Outcome and feedback

The outcome of the residency may be an exhibition or any other form of feedback adapted to be in harmony with the project, in order to reflect the research work and the artistic journey on which the team has embarked. This is decided upon by the team of artists (artist and ceramist), accompanied by the Artistic Director of the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne, as soon as this is made possible by the project’s advancement.

Location of the residence

La Borne is a village of potters who use a variety of firing techniques. Within a radius of 30 km, it links together 70 ceramists who are members of the Ceramics Association La Borne, each of whom has developed specific techniques for the production of ceramics.

Length of the residency period

This residency programme takes place over a period of 3 (non-consecutive) months per year.

Conditions for the residency

During the residency, the artist will be accommodated first and foremost in the “Maison des Châtelets”, or in any other location within a radius of 5 kilometres of La Borne.
As La Borne is relatively remote, we strongly recommend that you use a vehicle to get here. The artist’s accommodation is 8 minutes by car from the Ceramics Centre. The Ceramics Centre team is unable to provide the artist in residence with a daily shuttle service. In order to travel around La Borne and the surrounding areas, we recommend that the artist should be as self-sufficient as possible.

Presentation of the Maison des Châtelets

The Maison des Châtelets is able to welcome and accommodate:

  • A potter, in their main and professional domicile living in the area,
  • Artists and ceramists in residence as part of an artistic project in connection with the Ceramics Centre’s artistic programme,
  • Trainees in ceramics receiving vocational training in the area.

Overall, the “Maison des Châtelets” is experimenting with offering an alternative to the existing accommodation sites by proposing other forms of interaction and hospitality for artists, ceramists and outside participants at the Ceramics Centre. This is achieved by taking every resident into consideration with all their complexities, by enabling them to find a place in a pre-existing community of ceramists and artists, by giving them the means to make their tools, and to understand and discuss their environment and their times. This makes it a shared space where knowledge and skills can be transferred, bringing together the many different facets of creativity in contemporary ceramics. The “Maison des Châtelets” explores alternative ways and means of hospitality, professional integration and transmission in their experiential aspects, and explores other alternative models of community life and social interaction as applied to a period of artistic residency in our community.

The Artist is invited to come and work in a ceramist’s studio and undertakes to remain on site for a minimum of 45 days.

Physical conditions

Fees paid to each participant: €3000
(Made in three instalments over the year in which the project is conducted).)
Fixed per diems for each participant: €250
Production costs related to the residency: €2600
Production costs related to the exhibition or any other format of presentation are set as a function of the project and up to a limit of €1,500.

An archive box will be assigned to the artist at the beginning of the residency with a view to beginning to build up a collection of archives and objects relating to their research and experiments carried out on ceramics in La Borne. It is intended for it to be enriched with documents, sketches, texts, images or any other references that may inform and enhance the project. In addition, one piece from the series will be chosen by the artistic team to join the collection of the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne.

Application pack
The applicant should submit a pack which contains the following:
– A CV (including postal, telephone and e-mail contact details)
– A portfolio containing a selection of 5 to 10 recent projects.
– A covering letter stating their artistic and professional approach and outlining their overall project for production.
– A letter of intent presenting the project to be developed at La Borne in the context of the partnership with ENSA and the planned collaboration, as well as the artistic objectives justifying this initiative.

The selection committee will be mindful of the overall quality of the artistic process and how well the project fits into the context of La Borne, its history and all aspects of creativity in the field of the visual arts. It will also take into account the artist’s technical knowledge. The project may stipulate the names of the parties desired as collaborators and how they would be involved in the project, as well as the anticipated requirements (technical, artistic, etc.).


The application must be sent by e-mail only to the following address:
Together, all the documents included as attachments to the e-mail must not exceed 20 Mb, and all documents must be sent in pdf format.

E-mail subject:
Application for La Borne residency

For the attention of:
Madame Nathalie Mestre
Vice-présidente, Communauté de communes Terres du haut-Berry

Document format:
1 single PDF document entitled:
Application for artistic residency La Borne 2021/2022_First name + last name of the applicant

For any other information, please contact Tiphanie Dragaut,
Artistic Manager of the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne

Date for handing in applications
From Tuesday 1 September, 2020
Deadline for applications: Wednesday 30 September 2020

Selection of the residents
October 2020

Start of the residency period
January 2021


Tiphanie Dragaut
Artistic Manager of the CCCLB
02 48 26 96 21

Date for handing in applications
From Tuesday 1 September, 2020

Deadline for applications
Wednesday 30 September 2020