Jean-Pol Urbain


Teacher of Fine Arts in Mons (Belgium)
Academy of Fine Art, Tournai and Charleroi (Belgium)
A large number of ceramics courses in France

I discovered the ceramists of La Borne in the 1990’s.
I moved to Montigny in 2004, and built a workshop and a gas-fired kiln.
I have taken part in many wood-firings.

My artistic process:

For some years my work has focused on the bowl shape.
Using trial and error I have explored the world of Shino using both gas and wood-fired kilns. I have tried to rediscover the old qualities of Shino as a way of using their potential to be expressive in contemporary ceramics.

‘Between my Hands’
A rough compact material between my hands,
A dialogue between the mineral and the sense of touch,
I hug you and master you.
The clay is supple and docile between my fingers,
Tracks between and scratches and caresses,
I make you empty so I can fill up myself.
Between the palms and the fingerprints,
Bowl, here you are, ready to be given.
Do I hold you or do you hold me ?
Who’s holding who?
Still there between my hands , for always,
The story starts again.


Jean-Pol Urbain


Bury d’En-Bas
18250 Montigny

02 48 69 56 26