Hervé Rousseau

In 1977, Hervé learned from Augusto Tozzola to turn pots on the wheel. He gained more experience in Quebec and the South of France before, by chance, setting up in Boisbelle, just outside Henrichemont. He always goes straight to the point. For him, an effective, efficient pot throwing and good, unwashed, natural clay are the fundamental cornerstone. All his work is fired in a noborigama kiln.

Primitive roughness carves a suit with a smooth, soulless aesthetic. This vigorous simplicity exudes ceramic expressiveness. The way it is shaped emphasizes an examination of ancient objects. What Hervé celebrates is the way in which the hand explores the material’s plasticity. From the pots, to the headstones, to the milestones: at Boisbelle the earth is standing upright….

Bernard David


Hervé Rousseau


Atelier de Boisbelle
18250 Henrichemont

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