25.07 – 1.09

Héloïse Bariol


After training at the Valence Fine Arts School and obtaining a professional Master’s degree in Artist’s Books/Art Publishing, Héloïse Bariol trained at Dieulefit and then continued for three years with Jérôme Galvin. She settled in Rouen in 2014, continuing her work as an artist and ceramist/potter. Everything in her research, beyond format and category, is part of her own endeavour to seek out points of connection between different disciplines via forms that often refer to notions of usefulness or practicality. She has developed a unique artistic vocabulary making numerous references to architecture and design, and the fine and applied arts. She produces pieces in glazed clay with utilitarian, decorative or sculptural shapes. This cross-disciplinary, unencumbered stance, together with her technical artisanal skills, allows her to demonstrate the universality of folk art and to rethink the mode of presence and the meaning of an object. Her exhibitions present situations where the architecture of the place, the use of objects and the history of terracotta can dialogue across borders: knowledge and know-how.

The exhibition

This exhibition unfolds around a triple spatial device that reveals and engages in a dialogue with the artist’s current research themes. On the one hand, the installation of a vernacular clay shape, a claustra, that communicates with the architecture of the Ceramic Centre. All the elements were made at Jean-Marie Foubert’s former tile factory, the Tuilerie du Chaillou in Treigny. They were wood-fired on site in collaboration with the ceramists of the Association Céramique La Borne (ACLB). “When I make the modules, I am re-appropriating a history that has become heritage, a monument or a sanctuary; it’s made using unfired clay, brick clay, a living mineral it is about seeking a form at the intersection of building materials, decorative elements and minimalist sculpture. Wood-firing means staying up day and night for five days and bringing people together to watch over a fire. Arranging the modules means experimenting with a new surface, exploring the realm of possibilities. In a nutshell, shaking up time and changing scale”. This research is the logical continuation of the artist’s many sojourns at La Borne where she trained in wood firing and clay work alongside potters, in parallel with developing her research as part of the micro-residency programme of the Rouen-based association called Medium Argent. This installation is accompanied by other pieces of work; in particular a model of an exhibition space made of clay and scaled to the size of the artist’s kiln, which reproduces her firing principle. This stage (a device made up of 2 levels and 4 corners), a small-scale experimental space, will host productions by artists who have been invited by Héloïse Bariol. The third spatial installation consists of a set of utilitarian pieces that represent the bulk of the artist’s work in the workshop.


Héloïse Bariol would like to thank all her collaborators for their support in organising the exhibition, and in particular: Jean-Marie Foubert, David Whitehead, Guy Honoré, Mia Jensen, Hervé Rousseau, Bernard David, Agnès Galvao, Lucien Petit, Machiko Hagiwara, Georges Sybesma, Audrey Barbes, Magali Wagner, Anne Verdier, Aurèle Orion, and the entire teams of the Ceramics Association of La Borne and the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne.

This exhibition has been organised in collaboration with the ceramists Jean-Marie Foubert, Guy Honoré and David Whitehead, who is a member of the ACLB.


The exhibition receives support from the City of Rouen under the auspices of Bourse Impulsion 2020

Héléna Lapinowskaïa & Jakob Rabitowicz von Klapier

Resumption of the Artists’ Residence of La Borne 2019-2020
Artists : Hélène Bertin and Jacques Laroussinie (ACLB)

Artists’ Residences at La Borne

La Borne is a local, national and international place of reference for the advancement of the contemporary creation of ceramics. The Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne (CCCLB) and the ACLB (Ceramics Association of La Borne) in partnership with the Drac Centre-Val de Loire, have set up a programme of residencies for artists who are interested in producing or developing research in ceramics. As part of this traditional potters’ village’s revival, which began in the aftermath of the Second World War and again in the 1970s with the arrival of artists from many different backgrounds, the aim of the Residences project is to encourage the sharing of knowledge, experience and techniques. It allows artists from all walks of life to come and collaborate with La Borne ceramists with the aim of developing projects for co-creating pieces of artwork. Among the aims of the artist-ceramist in residence programme is the stimulation of new experimentation in the medium of ceramics and the reinvigoration of an existing cultural heritage – a human heritage represented by the artistic work of ceramists, but also a historical heritage, ranging from popular art forms to the production of sculpture and domestic artefacts.

The research project

The residency has provided the opportunity for both artists to live and experiment with studio work, daily life, clay and wood firing in pairs throughout all the four seasons. Together, they have built a vocabulary, one of great freedom of form, centred around containers: pots, or to be more precise, bellies, as they refer to them: “to bring together things that are liquid or solid, cold or hot, beautiful or ugly, edible or poisonous. Probably because we spend a large part of our time handling containers, be they a bottle of wine, a bucket of water, a glazed pot, a tea cup, a cat’s bowl or a trough, these exchanged objects are the vectors we use for sharing”.


The “Manifeste pour la patte de lapin” exhibition features a series of pieces produced by four hands. The scenography unfolds around an architecture made of hazel wood. This semblance of a cabin is reminiscent of Jacques Laroussinie’s wooden house. This is where the artists have spent time “out of time” working on their sculptures. These are covered in Shino glaze and ochre and become open containers, landscapes bringing together places that have been experienced by one or the other, such as the banks of the Loire and the Colorado Provençal in Rustrel.


For the exhibition opening, the artists will perform a ceremony to celebrate the good luck that has accompanied them throughout the project implementation, “A rabbit’s foot is not a big deal, but magical powers have been attributed to it by people since the dawn of time. The rabbit’s foot remains a personal item at the bottom of a pocket or handbag. The power that we attribute to it only affects ourselves”. The ceremony is designed as an invitation to share our superstitions and to look at the sculptures as the result of unpredictability and playing. The experience is an invitation to enter a euphoric state where the wanderings of the creators are re-enacted.


The exhibition receives support from the Ministry of Culture – Drac Centre-Val de Loire.



The artists would like to pay tribute to Diego and thank all their collaborators for their support in implementing the exhibition: Martina Barfüss, Isabelle Crochet, Caroline Iltis, Chantal Magne, Sophie Auger, Nicolas Favrel and the entire teams of the Ceramics Association of La Borne and the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne.

Permanent artistic exhibition

This exhibition has been designed by the members of the Ceramic Association of La Borne (ACLB) to reflect the programming of the temporary exhibitions. All year round, you can discover the variety of the traditional or the contemporary, the sculptural or the utilitarian artistic activities of the members of the ACLB.

The Artists:

Céline ALFROID-NICOLAS, Éric ASTOUL, Jean-Luc BELLEVILLE, Françoise BLAIN, Laurence BLASCO MAURIAUCOURT, Jeltje BORNMAN, Patricia CALAS-DUFOUR , Fabienne CLAESEN, Dominique COENEN, Isabelle CŒUR, Nicole CRESTOU, Suzanne DAIGELER, DALLOUN , Stéphane DAMPIERRE , Bernard DAVID, Corinne DECOUX, Ophélie DEERELY, Rachid DJABELA, Claude GAGET, Agnès GALVAO, Dominique GARET, Laurent GAUTIER, Geneviève GAY, Pep GOMEZ, Frans GREGOOR, Catherine GRIFFATON, Jean GUILLAUME, Claudie GUILLAUME -CHARNAUX, Viola HERING, Roz HERRIN, Svein HJORTH-JENSEN, Jean JACQUINOT, Pierre JAGGI, Anne-Marie KELECOM, LABBRIGITTE, Daniel LACROIX, Jacques LAROUSSINIE, Dominique LEGROS, Christine LIMOSINO-FAVRETO, Claire LINARD, Guillaume M0REAU, Machiko HAGIWARA, François MARECHAL, Joel MAROT, Elisabeth MEUNIER, Maya MICENMACHER-ROUSSEAU, Francine MICHEL, Isabelle Marylène MILLERIOUX, Isabelle PAMMACHIUS, Nadia PASQUER, Christine PEDLEY, Lucien PETIT, Jean-Luc PINCON, Charlotte POULSEN, Françoise QUINEY, Michèle RAYMOND, Anne REVERDY, Sylvie RIGAL, ROCHINA Alicia, Lulu ROZAY, Hervé ROUSSEAU, Nicolas ROUSSEAU, Karina SCHNEIDERS, Georges SYBESMA, Diane TRUTI, Jean-Pol URBAIN, Nirdosh Petra VAN HEESBEEN, Claude VOISIN, David WITHEHEAD, Seungho YANG.

Exhibition from 25 July to 1 September, 2020
Performance on 25 July at 5 pm – must be booked, limited number of places.
As a result of extraordinary health measures in place, there will be no private viewings and no presentation of the artists’ work

Open every day

from 11 am to  7 pm
Please note: exceptional opening hours during the period of de-confinement: 11am to 6pm