6 May – 27 June

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Saturday 6 May at 6 pm


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Agnès Debizet

L’Espèce Rouge

The artist was born in Marseille, and lives and works in Paris and in the Yonne region, between urban and rural

A herd of red and open-worked beings circulates among light-coloured rocks that have been etched with creatures. In front of these mysterious representations, everyone asks themselves while grazing, vague questions about their identity and their longevity. They are an evolved species.
Some holes are already appearing in the Rocks. Over time, will the reds and rocks merge together?

For this invitation to exhibit at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne, Agnès Debizet returns to
staging sculptures. The works that make up L’Espèce Rouge exist both together and separately.

L’Espèce Rouge is a new variation on her major work Évolution, but is a simpler version, in rough red-brown
stoneware clay.

As for Les Rochers, this is the start of a new series, a pretext for exploring her affinity with drawing.

What drives Agnès Debizet is adaptation to places, events, people and functions, and her passion is all about
inventing forms.

Her work ranges from monumental installations to functional objects, from graphic decor to abstract sculpture following an approach that she claims for herself.

David Whitehead (ACLB)

The artist is originally from South Africa. He lives and works in Le Point du Jour near La Borne.

Having left South Africa to take up an apprenticeship in Scotland in 1987, he visited La Borne in 1992 and settled
there in 1994.

After completing his apprenticeship as a potter, he began throwing work on the wheel, but his practice slowly evolved to concentrate exclusively on modelling.

This work is closer to sculpture and enables him to rediscover a more precise sensitivity in his relationship to creation. In the same way, his almost exclusive use of wood firing, which takes longer and is more raw, bears witness to this desire, one of using a contemporary practice while maintaining a strong link with tradition.

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