14.03 – 17.06

Tiphaine Calmettes

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The presentation of the artists’ work will be by reservation only (with a limited number of places): Saturday 13 June at 3 pm and 5 pm and Sunday 14 June at 11.30 am.

Tiphaine Calmettes (Ivry-sur-Seine, 1988) lives and works in Paris; Her sculptures and installations evolve to create new forms of coexistence between what are at first sight disparate elements. Her works incorporate concrete, earth, moss and lichens, as well as the imprints of plants, animals and body parts, thereby triggering the narratives that inform our relationship with the world. The process of creation is a conversation with the history of craftsmanship and its revival in the context of the present day. Performative actions are used to bring life forms to life through non-formal, reversible, ephemeral techniques. The artist explores and (re)invents new formats using ancient processes and long-forgotten narratives. In revisiting ways of doing things, she becomes part of new narratives.

Her work has been presented at La Panacée MOCO (Montpellier), the Zoo Gallery (Nantes), the CAC La Traverse (Alfortville), the Kunstwerk Carlshütte (Büdelsdorf, Germany), the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and the 2019 Lyon Bienniale. In 2020, she will be exhibiting at the Centre Céramique contemporaine La Borne (Henrichemont, France), at the Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière (Beaumont-du-Lac, France); she is also an artist in residence at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers.


The Ceramic Centre would like to thank all its partners and collaborators for their support in organising the exhibition, particularly:
Claude Aussage, François Daillant, Maria Diaz, Tiphaine Calmettes, Dominique Coenen, Dalloun, Léa Gavard, Machiko Hagiwara, Jacques Laroussinie, Roxane Lucas, Dominique Mathieu, Hervé Rousseau, Sybille Raffort, Luc Richard, Inès Saber, Ishta Vergès and the entire team of the La Borne Ceramics Association and the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne.

This exhibition was produced in collaboration with the associate artists and craftspeople

Claude Aussage, a specialist in the architecture of fire and chairman of the Incognita Terre association located in the Dordogne region.
Robert Barfüss, wrought iron maker, living in Neuilly-en-Sancerre
Martina Barfüss, basket maker, living in Neuilly-en-Sancerre
Dalloun, a ceramist from the Ceramics Association La Borne based at La Borne


In partnership with

L’École nationale supérieure d’art, (Higher National Fine Art School) Bourges,
L’École européenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne (Higher National Art School of Brittany) – Quimper campus,
The Transdisciplinary IUT of Design Culture and Territory at the University Jean Jaurès, Toulouse

With support from
the Cazin company as part of a sponsorship agreement in kind

The exhibition is supported by the Centre-Val de Loire Region as part of the PACT scheme.



Capri was born in Paris and graduated from Olivier de Serre’s applied arts programme in textile design. She became a graphic designer specialising in fashion.As part of a much needed career change, without giving it a second thought , Capri turned to ceramic animals, which matched her unfulfilled desires and interests. “I’ve been working with clay for over twenty years, but deep down inside I’ve always been an animal sculptor.” She has exhibited in many salons and galleries throughout Europe, and her animals have found a place in private collections and museums, notably in the Natural History Museum.

Whenever she is travelling around the world, Capri is a tireless visitor to zoos and jumps at the chance to join the staff of an animal park to discover what goes on behind the gates, the lives of animals in captivity. As a collector of animal images, works, books and films, as well as a few dead animals, she has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the lives of the species she depicts. She chooses an expression, a movement, and then develops a theme into a series of sculptures. “I inquisitively explore the fauna and then I decode and transcribe in a very personal interpretation, with a touch of humour and mockery.” In her sculpting, Capri creates a synthesis of all the images she has seen, in order to give her animal a posture and an expression that both characterises it and makes it more human. She dreams and enjoys herself by focusing on happy representations, good humour, joy, playfulness, mockery, astonishment, surprise etc. The projected matte colours, sometimes bright and unusual, contribute to the originality of her pieces, the result of a successful adaptation to the conditions of life in Paris and the constraints of small workshop spaces.

Nicole Crestou


Permanent artistic exhibition

This exhibition has been designed by the members of the Ceramic Association of La Borne (ACLB) to reflect the programming of the temporary exhibitions. All year round, you can discover the variety of the traditional or the contemporary, the sculptural or the utilitarian artistic activities of the members of the ACLB.
The association’s dynamism has been demonstrated since 1971 through the organisation of regular events, international meetings and exhibitions, in the former village school for girls and since 2010, in the La Borne Contemporary Ceramics Centre. Currently the Ceramics Association of La Borne has over 70 members made up of thirteen different nationalities, artists who are all located within a radius of 35 kilometres. The members all create unique pieces, utilitarian pottery and sculptures. There are nowdiverse techniques firing methods, but wood-firing still plays a major role, with around thirty kilns currentlyin operation.The Ceramics Association of la Borne operates under the aegis of the Collectif National des céramistes (National Collective of Ceramists). It is a member of the Ateliers d’Art de France (Art Workshops of France) and “devenir art”, an association of the key figuresin the visual arts within the Centre-Val de Loire Region.It works in collaboration with the Communauté de Communes (municipality) of the Terres du Haut Berry, which manages the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne.

The Artists:

Céline ALFROID-NICOLAS, Éric ASTOUL, Jean-Luc BELLEVILLE, Françoise BLAIN, Laurence BLASCO MAURIAUCOURT, Jeltje BORNMAN, Patricia CALAS-DUFOUR , Fabienne CLAESEN, Dominique COENEN, Isabelle CŒUR, Nicole CRESTOU, Suzanne DAIGELER, DALLOUN , Stéphane DAMPIERRE , Bernard DAVID, Corinne DECOUX, Ophélie DEERELY, Rachid DJABELA, Claude GAGET, Agnès GALVAO, Dominique GARET, Laurent GAUTIER, Geneviève GAY, Pep GOMEZ, Frans GREGOOR, Catherine GRIFFATON, Jean GUILLAUME, Claudie GUILLAUME -CHARNAUX, Viola HERING, Roz HERRIN, Svein HJORTH-JENSEN, Jean JACQUINOT, Pierre JAGGI, Anne-Marie KELECOM, LABBRIGITTE, Daniel LACROIX, Jacques LAROUSSINIE, Dominique LEGROS, Christine LIMOSINO-FAVRETO, Claire LINARD, Guillaume M0REAU, Machiko HAGIWARA, François MARECHAL, Joel MAROT, Elisabeth MEUNIER, Maya MICENMACHER-ROUSSEAU, Francine MICHEL, Isabelle Marylène MILLERIOUX, Isabelle PAMMACHIUS, Nadia PASQUER, Christine PEDLEY, Lucien PETIT, Jean-Luc PINCON, Charlotte POULSEN, Françoise QUINEY, Michèle RAYMOND, Anne REVERDY, Sylvie RIGAL, ROCHINA Alicia, Lulu ROZAY, Hervé ROUSSEAU, Nicolas ROUSSEAU, Karina SCHNEIDERS, Georges SYBESMA, Diane TRUTI, Jean-Pol URBAIN, Nirdosh Petra VAN HEESBEEN, Claude VOISIN, David WITHEHEAD, Seungho YANG.


Exhibition from 14 March to 17 June, 2020.
Opening Saturday, 14 March from 6pm to 9pm (Cancelled)

The presentation of the artists’ work will be by reservation only (with a limited number of places): Saturday 13 June at 3 pm and 5 pm and Sunday 14 June at 11.30 am.



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