Sylvie Enjalbert

Vide & Plein


My pots are like resonances, translations of original and universal palpitations. These are evocations of pots: the old pots contained water, seeds, they were used to store, to keep or to cook, they contained food. The pots that I form nourish me at the source of what I am. Thus, a dialogue can be established between the current object and the artistic object. On the surface of my pots appears a movement created by the imprint of my thumb, like small waves. From this irregular aspect of the room emerges a particular soul that comes from
imprint, feel this humanity, this simple thing of the fingerprint, as a movement of life. At the same time, my creations bear immemorial and contemporary resonances, a quest for universality. Always everywhere, the earth, the hand, the pot.
By a slow and meticulous work, I try to reach a form of apparent simplicity, form as proof. Proof that would eliminate any idea of ​​belonging to a culture a continent, an era. The form can be quickly upset. The balance search is done on the basis of the pot and continues on the line. Every little handle, every little advantage I can add has a meaning. The form allows or not these additions. A detail can break the harmony of a pot or to sublimate it.


“For Sylvie Enjalbert, the container is a body whose skin calls the direct reading of touch, this other way of meeting. On the bare ground pores of chamottes vibrate. His pieces are full of time that the ceramist will smooth them and stretch to the estuary, a time lived as a sentence: it opens in the morning by the kneading of a ball of earth that digs then the thumb and closes at night, when the sun ends its course on the valley of the Neste, in the contemplation of the work done, supported by the feeling of calm “to have given all this
I thought it was better to give.”

Pascale Nobécourt. The CERAMIC and GLASS REVIEW N ° 201,
March-April 2015


Exhibition from 21 July to 21 August 2018
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