Sylvie Rigal

I was born in 1959. After completing my studies in advertising graphics at the ‘Ecole Supérieure’ of Modern Art in Paris, I worked in the world of graphics for 24 years.

Ceramics have always appealed to me, and I started working as a hobbyist in 1992. Passing from the page to creating volume and shape was a revelation, and became a real passion. In 2004 I followed this up with professional training at the I.C.F. (French Ceramics Institute) in Sèvres, then had a 15 day course at Maulévrier with the potter Marc Vacheret, further training in pot-throwing with Thierry Fouquet, and a week with Dominique Legros  working with raku, “terre bulle” and “terre jetée”, two modeling techniques.

Ceramics provide me with a real freedom to express myself and a connection to the history of the planet. I particularly enjoy testing out new glazes, blending different clays, and pot-throwing. For the production of my own pieces I also work with slabs. I generally fire at high temperatures in a gas-fired kiln. Raku is my pottery relaxation. I love this profession where I am continually surprised by the discoveries I make. I am also captivated by the world of Bonsai, so I have specialized in making pots for Bonsai.


Sylvie Rigal


Les Réaux
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