Svein Hjorth-Jensen

Svein Hjorth-Jensen was drawn to the village of wood-fired stoneware after a three year apprenticeship spent with a Norwegian potter, and then with a potter from the Champagne region. As a painter of glazes, Svein became an expert in decorative compositions using the glazes he produced and fired in a gas kiln at 1300° C. Their superimpositions blend harmoniously and offer a smooth surface and depth to the material on vases and boxes as well as in the hollow of dishes.

His recently constructed anagama kiln also allows him to develop pieces in rough clay, a work on the shape that catches the flames so that the marks of long wood firing are imprinted on their bellies.

Nicole Crestou

Svein Hjorth-Jensen


La Borne
18250 Henrichemont

02 48 26 79 58