Suzanne Daigeler

Originating from Germany, I was drawn to La Borne by its tradition of wood-fired ceramics. I came here in 1980, and immediately appreciated the warm and friendly atmosphere of the village.

My first kiln was a small anagama of two cubic meters. It was a loyal but demanding partner for many years, but eventually was no longer suitable when I began decorating my pieces and using salt in my firings.

As time went on, my search for light and colour in my work lead me to glazed earthenware, which I use for my production of playful and joyful dishes and for large slab-built one-off pieces.

In 2015, I became inspired by the lacy remains of rusted metal, and determined to set them off in sculptural pieces. I combine these poetic and fragile fragments with saltglazed stoneware or earthenware to evoke the beauty of passing time.



Suzanne Daigeler


La Borne – 18250 Henrichemont

02 48 26 75 30