Stéphane Dampierre

I am self-taught in the world of ceramics, having started to practice it at the age of around 10 in a small workshops set up in my parents’ house. For me, this art unlike any other was a response to my passion to create things with my own hands and a fascination with fire!
I have been able to practice and learn through the people I have met:
Alain Babel in Morogues, where I made my first attempts at throwing and above all had some amazing experiences with wood-firing, Nicole Crestou who gave me my liking for glazes; and Christophe Linard and Dany Chaleteix within the studio ‘l’Atelier des Halliers’.

I work with white stoneware clay and porcelain, as well as coloured pastes. I use the techniques of throwing, casting and modelling. I fire my pieces at 1300°C in 2 100 litre gas-fired kilns, one with flames rising from beneath and where the flames turn. I also use a small 23 litre electric kiln for firing with gold and lusters.
I enjoy creating objects and marrying several different techniques, assembling pieces while they are still hot by fusing them with glass, or when cold by tying or gluing… I enjoy creating a sense of surprise and questioning in the spectator leaving him with a role in the creation of my works.

Born 22 April 1968 in Bourges (18)

Stéphane Dampierre


18220 Aubinges
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