Seungho Yang

Seung-Ho Yang has an international reputation and has travelled extensively, exhibited and received awards in several countries. He alternated for a long time between working in his workshops in Korea, Switzerland and France. He now lives mainly in Korea and comes to Montigny for 3 to 6 months in the summer months. He was trained at the Dan-Kook University in Seoul and is renewing the tradition of turned or shaped stoneware fired in the Tongkama kiln. He induces the effects of materials, especially cracks, looking for appearances of natural elements, minerals, bark, arid earth, woven bamboo… His works accommodate bonsais, ikebana compositions and work very well into gardens. They are rooted in oriental philosophy.

Nicole Crestou


Seungho Yang


Bury d’en Bas
18220 Montigny

07 62 78 70 46