Nicole Crestou

At the heart of Nicole Crestou’s training is sculpture and ceramics, through the School of Fine Art in Bourges, in the Lerat workshop, and at university, with a doctorate in art and art sciences. She has participated in many joint and solo exhibitions. In her sculpture she creates installations in unfired clay made up of repeated elements showing the body, created to be broken in the course of the exhibition. The space itself defines how the pieces are assembled. Pieces in unfired clay may stand alongside fired pieces. In her ceramic work she also explores the depiction of the body, and at the same time the freer shapes of monsters, animals and fantastical figures, inspired by certain grotesque painted images or by a range of mythologies. Changing their size, these hybrid figures move from simple objects to freely-worked garden sculptures, becoming the heroes of new legends. These unusual ceramics, assembled and put into a context, unite material and colour.
Nicole Crestou is involved through her participation in professional organisations, in the setting up of ceramic art events in Puisaye, La Borne and Paris.

Nicole Crestou is represented by the Pierre-Marie Vitoux Gallery in Paris.


Nicole Crestou


Loye 18220 Morogues

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