Nadia Pasquer

After studying to be a drawing teacher in Paris, Nadia came to La Borne. Rapidly, modelling was to replace throwing pots. In early 1990, she had radically changed her approach by reducing the materials she used to just one type of clay, 2 or 3 types of slip, basic tools and sawdust firing. She goes to the essential, to the essence of the sky. Nadia goes from ovoid shapes to spheres, to geometric shapes with multiple sides. What she creates conveys an enigmatic, peaceful radiance. The universality of these forms, stemming from the visible or the invisible, diffuses a timeless energy between the infinitely small and the unexplored infinite. Nadia’s thought process, the basis of her work, is related to astronomy, poetry, architecture and so on…

Bernard David

Credits : portrait by Jo Schnapp, ceramics by Pascal Vangysel

Nadia Pasquer


4, place de l’église
18220 Morogues

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