Mélanie Minguès

Mélanie Minguès creates sculptural forms. These wild pieces with a fierce energy move us by their natural truth, without any compromise. A whole geology of ripples, cracks and fissures cover the panorama of this ceramic work, one where fragility, strength, emptiness, silence and randomness overlap.
Mélanie takes us to an earth which makes a sound like a stampede of substances. This is where the clay marks the tracing of her emotions, fixing an echo of questions without answers.
From barbotine (slip) to plastic consistency, this ceramist explores clay’s potential. She grinds it, stretches it to the point of tearing this colloidal membrane in her pursuit of the anima, the breath of life.
In their dizzying cracks, these sculptures maintain a dialogue between silence and shadow. “Blessed be the cracks for they let the light in. »

Bernard David


Mélanie Minguès


13 Chemin du lavoir
La Borne 18250
06 24 24 86 93