Marylène Millérioux

Since moving here in 1994, Marylène Millérioux has been collecting, accumulating and multiplying identical objects. This repetitive addition creates a power. It can be ordered or disordered according to her instincts. By observing the materials used she decides the size of the installation. From her CAP diploma in tool and die making, she retains an attachment to metal, particularly to scrap metal, but her eye is also drawn to the whiteness and smoothness of porcelain, not forgetting matt white stoneware. The pieces modelled or assembled in coils are mainly fired in an electric kiln, sometimes in wood-fired kilns. The question “what is art” written on the wall of her workshop provides the key to direction of her life.

Bernard David

Marylène Millerioux


3, les Gates

00 33 (0)6 71 29 53 91