Marie David Géhin

Quite simply,  it’s the rustic joyfulness of making pots. The few years spent in the non-material world of video and narrative could not stifle her desire to get stuck into them – a deep- rooted desire dating back to her childhood! Pots, fragments of ceramics put back together in museums still move her beyond all reason. The pot is the very essence of the container, the thing that has fed us as humans, preserved food, water, oil, right up to the funeral urn, is her omphalos for the world, her gut. The ancestral coil technique is a perfect match for her, as far from the productive speed of the wheel as it can be. Slowness is the speed for her for making bowls, pots and beakers, like the weight of pebbles in the hand. Turning them between your fingers to appreciate the abundance of rough surfaces smoothed by a tenmoku or a shino from which the light of dawn emanates.

These small hollow slabs and her various containers, covered in ash molten by long wood-firings, strike us with their wealth of archaic memories.

Bernard David

Photos pièces : Pascal Vangysel
Photo portrait : Baptiste Léon

Marie David Géhin


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