Machiko Hagiwara

In my homeland of Japan, the Bowl is a part of a traditional ancestral culture. My motivation when I create bowls is the desire for warmth and elegance while remaining simple. My feelings pass through my hands to make bowls, as with no other objects.
Machiko 2011

In the mastery of her art Machiko embodies the innate artistic sense of Japanese potters. She lends shapes and glazes this discrete sense of personality and elegance which are characteristic of a good potter. Her art bears her charm and generosity, like plants certain to flourish.
Robert Deblander
For the exhibition: ” Machiko and her Brothers.”
Auxerre 2046

Portrait: Noriko Suzuki
Ceramics: Dao


Machiko Hagiwara


Rue Honoré de Balzac
18300 Sancerre

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