Machiko Hagiwara

Between 1996 and 1998, Machiko underwent various training courses at the CNIFOP. When she has clay in her hands, she is reconnecting with Japan, a country so different from the West, one where ceramics is an art in its own right. In perpetuating the bowl, she is directly connected to her ancestral culture. Her hands translate her feelings. Her pieces in more or less rough stoneware are thrown or modelled. Some are covered with a relatively matt slip, others with superimposed glazes are fired in an electric kiln, sometimes in a wood-fired kiln. Her works radiate a tranquil serenity. “Humanity, just a fragment of the great whole, must live in osmosis with nature,” she says simply with a smile. So oriental !

Bernard David


Portrait: Noriko Suzuki
Ceramics: Dao


Machiko Hagiwara


I bis rue du Moulin à Tan
18250 Henrichemont

06 45 08 66 97