Lulu Rozay

Lulu Rozay learned ceramics from her husband André Rozay (1913 -1991) with whom she shared a workshop and who she helped with wood firing in the Sèvres kiln. They used local stoneware clay and traditional glazes made from ash. Lulu is very involved in the life of La Borne and particularly in the Pottery Museum, which she was responsible for opening for over thirty years. She models and assembles thrown pieces to create everyday and decorative objects in line with the tradition of potters: finials, anthropomorphic jugs and bottles, statuettes… Her work reflects her kindness and generosity, and has all the charm of naive popular sculpture.

Nicole Crestou

Techniques :

Stoneware objects. Modelling. Ash-glazes.
Wood-firing at 1290°
Thrown ceramics made jointly with Dominique Garet.

Exhibitions mainly at the Centre of Contemporary Ceramics at La Borne.


Lulu Rozay


La Borne
18250 Henrichemont

02 48 66 83 87