After studying at CREAR, Labbrigitte started working with wood-fired stoneware in 1994 in the Limousin region of France. Then, in a break with tradition, she carved the clay with a knife and removed a hardened block. Thus, the outlines are carved out in space, with the tension of a sharp cut. The figurative silhouettes are vigorous and essential because the bright colours – fired in an electric kiln at 1260°C – disrupt the way the structures are read. All in contrast, polychrome, autonomous, radiant, illuminating and adding its own defiance. Labbrigitte’s unique expressionist style is equally suited to sculptures, relief paintings and everyday objects.

Nicole Crestou


Ceramic Technique:

Multi-coloured Stoneware
Fired in an electric kiln at approximately 1240°




La Borne d’en bas

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