Karina Schneiders

I was born in the Netherlands in 1958, and have been living in France since 1984.
My childhood leisure time was spent particularly painting, drawing and modelling clay, then I went on to study ergotherapy, leading me to work in in psychiatry (using manual activities as a form of therapy). I worked part-time which enabled me to follow courses in painting, drawing and ceramics (Free school at the Hague, weekends courses at the Rietveld Academy, and a variety of private courses).
Once I arrived in France, I carried on with painting and working with clay, and to exhibit my work, and in the year 2000 I set up a workshop with an exhibition space at Briare, with a ceramics studio, painting and a space for pottery and modelling. Then I went to Nevoy (near Gien), then the last two years at Dampierre en Crot (Cher)
In my ceramics I work principally with raku, but also with stoneware and porcelain fired in an electric kiln.
Above all my inspiration comes from NATURE (I like using objects that I seek out during my walks), and COLOUR: the harmonies of colours inspire me, in nature forms and colours are inexhaustible, and in my rakus I enjoy being surprised by coincidences, and since the technique of raku is fairly unpredictable there are matt and gloss effects, they are smooth and rough, there are bumps, crackles and metallic effects. With Raku every piece is different and unique; I choose to make my pieces putting to the forefront the interplay of colours and the graphic decoration.
I give classes in pottery and modelling, and raku courses in my workshop.
For the last 15 years I have also been a member of the Association of Orléans’ Artists.


Karina Schneiders


La Gibonnière
18260 Dampierre en Crot

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