Jeltje Borneman

As a Dutch yacht-builder’s daughter I grew up surrounded by beautiful curves and forms, and I learned early-on about the shapes that please the eye. Every yacht combines form and function to create beauty, speed and space, and I translate this in my ceramic forms with a constant strive for harmony, fluent movements and functionality.

When I first arrived in La Borne I felt straight at home, and since then I’ve done an internship and several wood firings, and ended up buying my own potter’s house and building my workshop and wood kiln. I organise workshops: woodfiring, glazing and throwing workshops.

I love the effects of flame on a piece, the spontaneity and interaction with my environment, which is the reason I fire with gas and wood, often throwing more than a pinch of salt in for good measure. I make utilitarian work, thrown and altered, and work for in the garden, sculpted and thrown. All my work is fired at stoneware temperatures, with self-developed glazes and slips. The wood fired pieces show more of the ‘bare’ clay, to emphasize the effects of ashes and salt.

Jeltje Borneman

Stages de cuisson au bois, d’émaillage et de tournage ; en français, anglais, néerlandais et allemand


2 route de Morogues

La Borne d’en bas

18250 Henrichemont

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