Jacques Laroussinie

Ever since my first encounter with clay in 1967, I have always built “constructions”.
And since 1970, at the School of Fine Arts of Bourges, in J. and J. Lerat’s studio, I ‘cobbled together’ these houses which were hazardous, unlikely and deconstructed, made from clay then wood-fired at 1300°C.
My aim – to find balance in imbalance, a rhythm in organic lack of rhythm which is all my own, physiologically. This all comes about quite naturally.
The structure exists and then I improvise around it, like in jazz, in the “freest” way possible.
I enjoy playing with forms, the whole and the void around and inside, which cause them to exist.
It’s too complicated to be an architect in real life with too many constraints. I prefer to amuse myself with clay, it’s not a serious issue, and I’m not putting anyone’s life in danger. I create minimalist architectures, pagodas, temples, chapels, unfinished houses, everyday sheds, ramshackle constructions etc. based on what I’ve seen and experienced in my journeys and the impressions of them I bring back in my luggage.

J. Laroussinie


Jacques Laroussinie


Les Petits
18250 Neuilly-en-Sancerre

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