Jacques Laroussinie

Jacques spends three years in the ceramic workshop of the School of Fine Art of Bourges run by Jean and Jacqueline Lerat. This “non-potter”, as he describes himself, set up as a ceramist. Architecture made up of slabs covered with ochre slip, sand and ashes rise up in utopian outpourings. He plays with shifts in equilibrium, going beyond the constraints imposed by architects. Thus, the dream sets in freely. His imagination, inspired by pagodas and huts he has seen during his travels, is transformed into a wobbly, ramshackle construction. Slippage and imperfection exude so much warmth. Firing with wood reveals various states and splinters of the material. The playful spirit of Jacques Laroussinie appreciates slowness, but it is not at a standstill.

Bernard David


Jacques Laroussinie


Les Petits
18250 Neuilly-en-Sancerre

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