Isabelle Coeur

Coeur was attracted by wood-fired stoneware and came to learn ceramics from D. Garet in 1990. However, she focused her creativity on sculpting plump female bodies, which as a self-taught artist she spontaneously modelled. She boldly took on large scale work, nudity without modesty, hips swaying with a slender waist but prominent buttocks like the prehistoric mother goddesses. Isabelle celebrates the body in love and its sensual curves. She also creates small reliefs, silhouettes of generously-buttocked men or women, facing forward or backward, sitting on the edge of a frame – an open window between two spaces. She has been firing for a long time in an anagama kiln with D. Whitehead, and is continuing her wood firing.

Nicole Crestou

Stoneware covered in slip and flamed
Wood firing


Isabelle Coeur


La Borne d’en bas
18250 La borne
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