Georges Sybesma

Some creations between spontaneity and rigour

Jars, vases, teapots and other bowls shaped by Georges Sybesma are always for
the border between pottery and sculpture.
His work is not pretentious but it possesses very special qualities.
Simple, and nevertheless infinitely subtle and complex,
Georges Sybesma’s jars are   the reflection of the man that he is.
He combines robustness and fragility, light  and darkness, undulation and strictness.
His personality shows of the same combination of opposite.
His slender and bony shoulders masks its determination, its working capacity.
Important jars are carelessly thrown in huge quantities, but destabilize a public of experimented turners.
Georges plays with clay, he throws with only one inside left hand, the clay sways and is allowed according to its urges.
Enamels, engobes, firings, everything is pretext for new tests.
An insatiable boldness and an tireless curiosity give to its work a unique nature.

Georges Sybesma


La Borne
18250 Henrichemont

02 48 26 97 31