Françoise Quiney


With Janet Stedman, Jean-Pol Betton, Jean-Pierre Cluzel and Mary’o.

Techniques used:

Using a variety of clays fired at low and high temperatures, gas or wood firing, sometimes smoked, slip decorated or left unpainted for one batch, decorated and painted by brush for another batch.


Women, men alone or in groups sometimes with children and especially in couples, in everyday poses that are in no way unusual, expressing the permanence of our condition, quite simply our humanity.
Françoise Quiney
Françoise Quiney’s work is steadfastly contemporary… Each couple seems to be set in an ambiguously silent relationship, both near and far away, and in our  historical time where stress and busy-ness are all around,  the pieces are in a state of stasis turning them into a kind of tombstone, standing naked, anonymous, with no features, strange archetypes for a new world.
Bernard Courcoul


Figures which are entrenched in my memory, shamans, birdmen, guards, kings or maidens, a simple passer-by, hero or dignitary, emblematic figures within each of us, benevolent and consoling, from nearby and faraway lands since time immemorial and yet contemporary and even from the future, maybe handed down by my ancestors and brought back without the limits of time and place by my absurd yet successful imagination.
I suggest a revisited past which I look to as a pioneer, creations rooted in our collective history.

Françoise Quiney


Françoise Quiney


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