Françoise Quiney

Françoise learnt ceramics through her contact with Janet Stedman, Jean-Pol Betton, Jean-Pierre Cluzel and Mary’o. She equally enjoys utilitarian works and sculpture. Everyday art is thrown or shaped by hand. Her sculptures are made with slabs, stamping or balls of clay. Her approach with humanity examines connections, closeness or distance, silence. She posits immobility, slows down the hysterical speed of our globalisation. Françoise questions time immemorial, builds suspension bridges with shamans and bird men. Acting as a lookout or a dreaming child she transmits an ancient heritage that blinds contemporary society. All her works are currently fired in gas kilns. Visit her showroom !

Bernard David


Techniques used:

Using a variety of clays fired at low and high temperatures, gas or wood firing, sometimes smoked, slip decorated or left unpainted for one batch, decorated and painted by brush for another batch.


Françoise Quiney


La Borne
18250 Henrichemont

00 33 (0)2 48 26 93 84