François Maréchal

Having pursued technical studies, I worked as an electrician in a large airplane company. My need to work with clay has been around a long time. My friendship with Jean Linart opened the door into this art form for me. I left the factory to enter the Bourges School of Fine Art, working with Jean and Jacqueline Lerat. I moved to Neuvy deux Clochers where I constructed a wood-fired kiln that I have been using for the past ten years. Then I discovered Raku, the style of firing which fulfils all my needs, because of its spontaneity and the opportunity it provides to work at close quarters with the clay. Nonetheless I have not given up working with wood-fired kilns, providing me with important moments of calm and communication.


François Maréchal


Les poteries
18250 Neuvy-Deux-Clochers

02 48 26 92 02