Francine Michel


Academies of Fine Arts at Tournai and Charleroi: ceramics, modelling.
Many courses in drawing, engraving and ceramics.
Discovered the ceramists of La Borne in the 1990s.
Moved to Montigny in 2004, building a workshop and gas-fired kiln.
Has taken part in many wood-firings.

Artistic process:

My chosen material is the clay coil which is kneaded with patience where traces are shaped where memories are forged. My work begins with reflection, a word, a phrase that has been read or heard which I meditate on a gradually visualise in my sketch book.

My works are somewhat like the automatic writing of surrealist artists, at least in aesthetic terms. A phrase or a thought can arouse images, curves, harmonious and sensual lines in me. My pieces are materialisations of the principle, of what cannot be perceived, trails to follow through life.
At my work table the work evolves as it is being made.
There will be sisters who come along to join these pieces, different but still from the same family. Children who are in complicity with my thoughts, created by my hands, they are born one after the other and set up home in the space. They are clothed in oxides and slip, then they go into the fire, the final stage and a kind of initiation, and then they become adult. Once they are finished, the works escape from me. They exist by themselves and only belong to the spectators who discover them.

Francine MICHEL


Francine Michel


18250 Montigny

02 48 69 56 26
Belgique : 00(32) 475 62 65 45