Fabienne Claesen

Artistic Process
Figurative work, deformed and treated freely

He is standing vibrantly, expressively, fragile…..She is the clay, diverted from her utilitarian role,  no glaze, fired, defying time.

She is covered with gaps, crevices, cracks, he is covered with scars, lines and folds.
Traces of life, traces of having lived.
Folk whose skin looks like the bark of a tree.
Proud vertical and dignified, even arrogant sometimes, seducer and seduced, quite simply himself.
Without arms, no they are there, engraved and emphasized in white, stuck to the body as if powerless.
Fluidity of the body.
Rough man, upright man, authentic.
To make the white man I took black clay pour the black man, white clay.
No skin, no colour, a person, a spirit.
At the dawn of word, there is the motion of standing up and creating.

Fabienne Claesen

Education and Training

Wood firing course “La Borne in flames”, 2007
Firing event – La Borne/Bandol, 2001
Meeting with Daniel de Montmollin in March 2000
Glazing course with H. Severijns in September 1999
‘Varnished Clay’ course with A. Hurlet and D. Miller in July 1998
Degree in ceramic sculpture at the ‘Academy of Boitsfort’, Prof. J. Leyman, in 1998
5th international ceramics event “Terre du Sud” at La Borne in 1996
Seminar with Seungho Yang in 1996
Internship with sculptor Véronique Choppinet in 1995
Internship with ceramist Patrick Picarelle in 1994
Degree in interior design from St Luc in Brussels, in 1981.


Fabienne Claesen


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