Eric Astoul

Having trained the old-fashioned way in a variety of workshops, Éric discovered the appeal of stoneware, wood-fired at high temperatures for several days. He settled in La Borne and built his anagama kiln here. The harmony between the form and the mineralisation created by the fire is what his exploration is all about. He is excellent at the wheel, curious, and he practices drawing. From the 2000s onwards, he began to work with blocks of clay. He separates them, assembles them, and carves cliffs, verticals. He cuts like a fjord into the heart of the clay. From the elegance of turning pots to exploring the mass of clay, radiant works of art are born, powerful sculptures. The body and soul of this potter, standing still before the clay turning between his fingers, takes you far, far away.

Bernard David

Technique : 

Wood-firing in an anagama kiln.
Thai- style climbing kiln with open-flame
Unglazed clay.

An internship at Ratilly and training in a number of workshops, at La Borne in the workshops of Digan and Janet Stedman.


Eric Astoul


La Borne 18250 Henrichemont
02 48 26 75 51






From Monday to Sunday

10.30 am / 7.30 pm