Émilie Vanhaecke

Émilie Vanhaecke took three different courses at CNIFOP in order to discover herself through clay.

These were the pot throwing required as the basis for a utilitarian output; the “creative ceramist” module to broaden her horizons in clay, and the glazing course to finish off her pieces. Her starting point is the geometry of the cube, to which other taut surfaces are added – truncated parallelepiped and trapezoidal pieces. This work, sometimes installed as a duo, introduces a silently garrulous dialogue.


Matte slip or black glazes cover these forms. In contrast, textured glazes like the foam from a wave breaking cover part of the surface. New forms created with coils take flight. From the interior a force emanates that pushes out against the walls.

Her creative output is completed by utilitarian pieces in porcelain with precise decoration. They are electric-fired to finish off this mastery of the art.


Bernard David

Émilie Vanhaecke


La Fontaine Bénat
45360 Châtillon-sur-Loire

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