Dominique Coenen

Training :

Beaux Arts de Châtelet (School of Fine Arts, Belgium)

Applied Arts Workshop at Louvain la Neuve

Training on large-scale pieces at the CNIFOP school of ceramics


Approach :

To express humanity

Without making any sketches, my hands work impulsively, leaving traces in the form of fingerprints of feelings, emotions…

I use clay with chamotte covered in oxides that emphasise certain details, wounds, splits…

These pieces are then fired at high temperature in an electric kiln, sometimes in a wood-fired one.


“In the groups created by the artist, everything is silent, with unknown beings stuck together within a shared trunk. Is it their bumpy surfaces that make them look human? Or is it the marks made by kneading the clay, the marks left by hands, splits, all the wounds inflicted by the artist on her sculptures?”

Claudie Lenzi


Dominique Coenen

Organise des stages adultes, enfants et personnes handicapées




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