Elke Sada

The fascination about the making process of an ancient copper vessel in the museum of Hallstatt in Austria led to a new series of work. Therefore the title of the series is HALLSTATTPIECES. The strong and vital pots are hand built from fragments of grogged clay, which I shape with my hands. The seams are visible and I allow a lot of movement.
The vigorous colourful painting is generated by beautiful illustrations in a book about birds. The Latin name of the bird becomes the title of a HALLSTATTPIECE.

The series of work HALLSTATTPIECE by Elke Sada like all her work breathes great spontaneity and joy. Her almost boundless play with clay, colour and form seems to follow a kind of maxim: Never settle for one point of view or one way of thinking – be surprised by your own work! She is certainly devoted to the elements of dance, music, and rhythm, and she is always good for a twist. Clear-cut geometry in form has never been her favourite. Decoration increasingly turns into painting. The experimental game with colour becomes an impulsive, physical reaction. Elke Sada is there, tangible in her work. She is sometimes almost out of breath, and it can take your breath away.

Gabi Dewald in Ceramic Review No. 259

Exhibition from 17 March to 24 April 2018
Private View: Saturday 17 March from 6 pm to 9 pm.
Private view is preceded by a chance to meet the artists at 5 pm.

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