Dalloun visited a small pottery company as a teenager in Berry, for the chance to look at the beautiful eyes of the potter’s daughter. He was fascinated by the sight of the potters at work. He left with a free chunk of clay, having almost forgotten the young lady’s charms. After an introduction to wood-fired stoneware at Jean Linard’s workshop, a workshop run by Paul Soldner steered him towards experimental raku and low temperature firing. The beauty of Pierre Bayle’s signature pieces made his mouth water and fired his enthusiasm. Due to his attachment to this primitive container, Dalloun turns bowls for fun. What comes out of his kiln finds its way on Christmas morning to the foot of his Christmas tree. His bowls are a remedy for speed, inviting the gentleness of certain silences. A sensation for the skin, unique.

Bernard David


Terra Sigillata
I organise courses in Terra Sigillata and wood firing.




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