Corinne Decoux

In 2007 Corinne moved into her workshop in Saint-Satur. She constructed a wood-fired Sèvres-type kiln. She was self-taught and embarked on her adventure with the earth, with clay. In fact, clay is what has taken the artist over. Her forms fluctuate between pots and cocoons. The adventure remains generous. The timelessness of vertical containers is affirmed in space with uneven bumps on the surface. Like a shiver across the ocean before the storm, “clay takes on an attitude and gains in importance with no restraints,” says Corinne. When you surrender to the abandonment of creation, the pieces created at the tips of your fingers surpass the dream you have imagined.

Bernard David


Corinne Decoux


109 rue du commerce
18300 Saint Satur

06 15 04 25 34