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Charlotte Coquen et Isabelle Pammachius


Feedback from the “Artistic Residence of La Borne” scheme

Between 2021 and 2022, La Borne played host to Charlotte Coquen, an artist-in-residence who worked with ceramist Isabelle Pammachius to create a dialogue around shapes and wood firing.

Charlotte Coquen was born in Dieppe (76) in 1982. She graduated from the Fine Arts School of Rouen and completed her training in ceramics at the IEAC in Guebwiller. She has received several awards and grants for her research, including a creation grant from DRAC Normandy. Many publications have documented her work.

“Charlotte Coquen explores the physical relationship that the material entails and feeds on this struggle between two forces. Her creations, with their deceptively idyllic appearance, question the boundaries between masculine and feminine, the erotic and the macabre, flexibility and rigidity. […] Her work, like shrines, leaves an imprint on the world, marked by a profound quest for identity.”

Extract from a text by Alix Bancarel, L’Œil magazine no. 759 – November 2022

Isabelle Pammachius has been living in Boisbelle, near La Borne, since 1999. Her work forces us to consider the notions of tradition and modernity. She works with natural stoneware clay that is prepared in the workshop and wood-fired to create pieces that are fundamentally utilitarian. During her years of training, she learned never to hide the marks associated with the process, but rather to integrate them into the piece. It was about minimizing the process and leaving the imprint of her movement on the clay. She has always found the wood firings that punctuate the life of the studio, the spontaneous mixture of alchemy and the unexpected that these firings offer very appealing. In her artistic approach, she remains faithful to this principle.

Kevin Lips

Travail en cours 

The artist was born in New York, and now lives and works in Brooklyn (United States).

Kevin Lips graduated from the University of Iowa, USA with a BFA (honours) in ceramics.

He is a recipient of the Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Fellowship. He has been an artist in residence at St. John’s Pottery, Minnesota (USA) and Starworks Ceramics, North Carolina (USA).

He has made several trips to the La Borne area in recent years. The works in this exhibition were made and fired during his last visit to La Borne in late 2022 and early 2023.

Ceramics Association of La Borne

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