Claudie Guillaume-Charnaux

Born and bred in the Jura region of France, Claudie moved to Morogues after she studied in the workshop of Jean and Jacqueline Lerat at the Bourges School of Fine Arts. Using stoneware clay and slip fired in a gas kiln, she creates a range of utilitarian objects that she has been decorating for a long time with series’ of squares with gradient colours. These days, her decorations have branched out. Predominantly pink or blue flowers on small pieces and Impressionist-style floral arrangements decorate the vases, cheek by jowl with pointillist or abstract variants that play on the repetition of coloured bubbles on the black background of bowls, teapots or dishes. She now fires at 1260°C in an electric kiln and she occasionally uses a wood-fired kiln.

Nicole Crestou


Claudie Guillaume-Charnaux


12 Place des Tilleuls

02 48 64 32 74