Claude Gaget

With La Borne, once you move there, it’s impossible to forget the date you arrived. Claude remembers this – 13 March, 1973. He was working at Pierre Mestre’s house and set up his first workshop in Boisbelle. From 1974 onwards, he has shared his life with Claudine Monchaussé. Claude tackles several themes: chairs, trees, decorative panels depicting scenes from life, café atmospheres featuring the pleasure of stopping off, of freezing lost time. He has a passion for ancient stoneware and he continues to perpetuate a pottery linked to anthropomorphism, roof ridge finials, large terrine dishes etc. And his trees! They become something mineral after being fired with wood, and they rustle with nostalgia. We can imagine  fables, even wolves in this imagined, wooded “Vale of no Return”.

Bernard David


Claude Gaget


La Borne d’en Haut
18250 Henrichemont

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