Claire Linard

Although the heritage of ceramics is in Claire Linard’s blood, she trained in throwing clay at the CNIFOP. She has chosen to pursue her family’s techniques: the generous turning of utilitarian pieces, ash-based glazes and wood firing. Some objects which are both functional and decorative are contorted and sometimes embellished with model animals, for instance ridge finials or basins. Small and large bowls or jugs, often monochrome, are glazed with smooth enamels, sometimes decorated spontaneously with a brush, or with embellished with materials left by wood firing. Claire constructs her own world, while asserting an artistic expression that is rooted in tradition.

Nicole Crestou

Claire Linard


Atelier des Halliers
Route de La Borne
18250 Neuvy-deux-Clochers

+33 (0)6 95 45 98 45