Charlotte Poulsen

In the last few years, before the turn of the century I started working with stoneware with is origins in the world of the oceans.
I have certainly been inspired by the reality and the size of stretches of water, of the sea, which in my home country of Denmark surround us being never far away. Out of this liquid element, sometimes translucent, calm, choppy or rough, ever-changing in a flat landscape, have come pieces of a more personal nature- fish-and shrimp-shaped dishes.
With the turn of the century, other pieces have replaced these earlier ones.
Examining verticality and dreaming of far-away places have given rise to proud, graceful animals, particularly herbivores, alert and nervous with long necks and ears sitting up. Often they are standing, sometimes lying down; these vigilant animals which come from the earth- Giraffes, Okapi, Zebras and Alpacas- have been part of my personal landscape for a long time, alongside me for the last 10 years.
Once again I felt the need for change. A desire for movement, lightness and tenderness towards something of the air: birds have always been a part of my world, the seaside or garden landscapes that surround me. The stand has become key as a point of balance for the suspended bird. So the work I have done on bases has become more and more important, and the stand has become a major part of the piece.
In Spring 2010, a series of pieces called ‘Moving through life with Dancer’s Steps’ was shown at the new Centre of Contemporary Ceramics of La Borne.

Charlotte Poulsen

Techniques used:
I make my pieces from stoneware clay of different grains; I use porcelain too. I paint my surfaces with coloured slips, and introduce glazes in precise touches. I fire in gas or wood kilns at temperatures between 1240° and 1280°.


Charlotte Poulsen

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