Charlotte Poulsen

Charlotte Poulsen was born in Denmark and studied Fine Arts in Aarhus. Danish ceramists Birgit and Rocca Knupfer brought her to La Borne, where in the 1970s she did her apprenticeship. She settled here permanently in 1980, bewitched by the wood-fired kilns and the atmosphere of the place. Her utilitarian ware results from a consideration of the function of objects in the spirit of Danish design. In the following decade, the containers developed bigger and bigger bellies, and their necks began to rise up. The animals made their stand. The birds in her surroundings inspire her to take flight. The bases of her work develop into tentacles. Octopuses with multiple brains represent her abundant creativity. Charlotte never ceases to astonish us.

Bernard David

Credits : Pascal Vangysel

Charlotte Poulsen

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