Céline Alfroid-Nicolas

1997- 1999: working with Brigitte Marionneau in Bourges.
1999: Pot-throwing course with Dauphine Scalbert in Lain.
2000: ‘Maison de la Céramique’ (International centre of contemporary art) in Mulhouse currently the IEAC in Guebwiller.
Different approaches to ceramics with Anne Bulliot, Thiebault Dietrich, Jean-Louis Martz, Marc Uzan, Jochen Brandt, Dany Yung, Wayne Fisher.
Practical course with Seung-Ho-Yang

Technique :

White clay which is polished and blackened.
For my father, for having watched me and shown me the way…
I come from a rural background, and grew up with people who are close to the earth. My strength comes from those people, the peasants and workers. They have given me the will, strength and calm, and above all they have taught me silence.
I work with the lump of clay, I tear at it, cut it, dig and scratch at it, and I discover.
My works are pieces of life, polished by time and feeling.

Céline Alfroid-Nicolas


Céline Alfroid-Nicolas


18250 Neuilly en Sancerre – La Borne

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