Anne-Marie Kelecom

While studying visual arts, Anne-Marie quickly became aware of the importance of clay. This material would become her medium for expressing her emotions. From the Congo, to the Ardèche plateau, to the Saône et Loire department, she gained much experience before settling in La Borne in 2017. An all-out pursuit of matter, form and contrast reflected in her appetite and her joy for life. Her works can recall a plant, a pebble, an imprint. Anne-Marie takes you between the plant and mineral worlds. New directions are initiated by wood firing. She amazes us with her stoneplants and stromatolites.

Bernard David


Photographs : Pascal Vangysel

Anne-Marie Kelecom


41 Grand route

La Borne

18250 Henrichemont

06 45 06 66 95

02 48 50 03 51