Agnès Galvao

Agnès Galvao

One way or another, I still need to be connected to Earth.

I grew up in Marseille, with an exotic mix of influences -the smell of spices, boubous colours and baroque gilding.

Shocking light with accents of cicadas invade my work.


After a baccalaureat in Plastic Arts and a brief stint at the Beaux Arts School in Marseille, I spent ten years working in the socio-educational field.

Then in 2001, I took flight to Madrid and its Municipal School of Ceramics, where I spent five years.

On my way home I pursued my training in Jérôme Galvin’s workshop in Moustier-Sainte-Marie.

Among other things, I learned about decoration and stamping.

In 2014 I moved to La Borne, having spent nearly a year in Bernard David’s studio.

Agnès Galvao


La Borne
18250 Henrichemont

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