Agnès Galvao

Life was to lead Agnès Galvao to Madrid where she came into contact with ceramics. Back in Provence, Jérôme Galvin taught her the various decorative techniques. Once again by chance, this sunny Provençal woman discovered La Borne. She set up her workshop in this “Vale of No Return” dedicated to wood firing. Agnès brings colour and brightness to stoneware that is the colour of baked bread. She shapes her pieces by stamping, modelling and turning them on the wheel. An expert in decoration, she applies it with patience and glee, creating a warm, baroque vibrancy. The ethnic blending of the colours of her childhood in Marseilles cheerfully decorates her ceramics. Primers, animal drawings, lace patterns, flowers all adorn the clay that is more and more essential to her.

Bernard David

Agnès Galvao


La Borne
18250 Henrichemont

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