Rachid Djabela

Rachid passed a vocational training certificate in turning clay in 1990. He became a travelling potter before setting up as a freelance ceramist. First and foremost he is a potter for the indefinable pleasure of centering the clay on the wheel and working with it without dominating it; exerting equal pressure so that it rises up around the inner space. The sensation of feeling the clay between your fingers is a fabulous one. To tell the truth, words are sometimes inadequate to express feelings, soo Rachid uses his hands. He has been producing glazed clay with its particular warmth for many years. He humorously describes it as “Berber-richonne” pottery, (highlighting his North African roots and his home in the Berry region). Recently he has been looking into high temperature firing, but his mind is not made up yet.

Bernard David

Workshop is open every day-(please call ahead.)


Rachid Djabela


Le Point du Jour – 18250 Henrichemont

02 48 26 76 41