Cultural programming

At the heart of the Ceramics Centre’s work, there is a reflection on ways of promoting contemporary ceramicsfor all kinds of public. Drawing on the exhibitionsand the artistic programme, the Ceramics Centre presentsexperimental projects and develops specific toolsand formats to raise public awareness of ceramic cultureas a whole. Whether alone, as a family or in a group, everyone can come and discover the materials, the skillsand the current world of ceramics.



Saturdays at 3 pm and 4:30 pm
Sundays at 11.30 am
(must be booked, limited number of places)

Saturday 27 March – Sunday 28 March
Patrick Crulis
Benoît Audureau

Saturday 22 May – Dimanche 23 May
Association Céramique La Borne
Audrey Barbes (saturday only)

Saturday 3 July – Sunday 4 July
Presentation of the exhibition :
50 ans, 50 artistes,
une exposition anniversaire

Saturday 4 September – Sunday 5 September
Philippe Godderidge
Caroline Chevalier

Saturday 23 October – Sunday 24 October
Christine Shimizu, Conservateur général honoraire du Patrimoine : Presentation of the exhibition
Céramique japonaise,
entre tradition et design contemporain

Presentation of the exhibition
C14-Paris Salon de Céramique Contemporaine

Saturday 20 November – Sunday 21 November
Lucien Petit (ACLB)

Mélissa Terreyre
02 48 26 96 21
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